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Please click the link above to access the  results of the YCEA survey on re-entering Social Security.   YOU NEED TO SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE BEFORE YOU WILL SEE THE DATA. For more information please refer to this link:  CalPERS information on re-entering Social Security (aka 218 agreement) 

Sutter County Membership Meeting 01-09-14 YCEA Membership Appreciation Door Prizes
SCEA Negotiations Committee Ballot Results Leave Tracking Sheet - Yuba County
Newsletter Survey  WINNER May 2013 Issue-Sutter Yuba County Proposal on Health Insurance
Premier Access Overview YCEA Membership Appreciation Door Prize Winners 06-16-11

Premier Access Local Providers

Premier Access Bronze Plan YCEA Bylaws Proposed Changes - Vote Necessary
Premier Access Silver Plan  
Premier Access Gold Plan YCEA Vice President Election Results
  Yuba County Leave Tracking
Leave Tracking Sheet - Sutter County  

Affordable Care Act - Extends Coverage to Age 26

Affordable Care Act Provisions

SCEA Member Appreciation Door Prize Winners List 3-22-12 YCEA Voting Results 07-06-10
  YCEA Tentative Agreement - Voting & Balloting Schedule 06-25-10
Sutter Co Letter of Agreement - VTO 2011 YCEA Budget Layoff Update 5-28-10
Sutter - CalPERS Circular Letter 2011 YCEA Member Meeting Notes 5-17-10

SCEA Tentative Agreement Ballot Results

YCEA Ballot Count on 11-18-09
SCEA Proposed Board of Directors Structure YCEA Board Policy - Voting and Proxy


Sutter County Leave Tracking YCEA Addendum to MOU

Affordable Care Act - Extends Coverage to Age 26

Affordable Care Act Provisions

  YC Inequity Adjustment
SCEA Member Appreciation WINNERS 4-22-10  
  Leave Tracking Sheet 2014 - Yuba County
SCEA Ballot Results 10-29-09  
  Leave Tracking Sheet 2014 - Yuba Courts
SC Inequity Adjustments  

YCEA Member Appreciation 2-5-14 Door Prizes WINNER LIST - Click Here

Leave Tracking Sheet 2014 - Sutter County

  Yuba County July 2014 Full Contract Ballot Count
Leave Tracking Sheet 2014 - Sutter Courts  
  YCEA Crafts-Maintenance Ballot  Results 8-25-14
Sutter County Tentative Agreement Ballot Results  

SCEA Member Appreciation WINNERS 6-4-14





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