Personal representation on grievances, reclassification studies, employment problems and disciplinary matters.  These are the main services provided to members of Local #1.  We employ a full-time Executive Director, Business Agent, and Office Manager to assist our members.  We are prepared to represent you on all matters affecting your employment with the City or County.  In accordance with Board Policy, Local 1 will not be responsible for representing someone on a matter which is based upon circumstances which occurred prior to the date of membership.

Professional negotiations with the City and County regarding wages, fringe benefits, and all other terms and conditions of your employment.  Through our research, we provide comprehensive, up-to-date salary and benefit surveys to assure your employment conditions are competitive with the labor market.

Public Employees’ Union, Local #1 receives information regarding legislative matters pertaining to public employees and advocates on behalf of our membership at the State Capitol.

S/YCEA, Local #1 publishes a newsletter and bulletins to keep our members informed on matters which affect them.  

Dues are 1.4% of the member’s base gross salary to a maximum of $150.00. In addition to the basic dues, the S/YCEA membership has approved a $1.25 Unit Fund Assessment which is used for leadership meetings and membership events.


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